Saturday, August 7, 2010

Jake the Great

Well today I just have to write a tribute to my Bro in-law. Today my kids were experimenting with “knee boarding”. Well, one of the times around the lake Kate went down but she stayed attached to the board. The board flipped her upside down and she was gasping for air. Michael was on shore at this point in time so Jake had to dive in and help her out. It was between him and my 9 month pregnant sister, so he won the coin toss. He dove in and rescued the panic stricken, flailing little girl without a second thought.

My brother in law is the greatest uncle ever. He is an oversized kid so he’s lot of fun. The first time he flew out to meet us, my sister and I went down stairs where he was playing with the kids. When we walked into the room he was sitting in the floor shooting hoops with Josh(age 6) with the plastic basket ball, all while wearing high heels on his big toe and Kate (age 4) was brushing his hair. It was at this point in time I thought he might be a keeper. Another one of his attributes is he is always so aware of what is going on and I know my kids are safe with him. He that uncle who is making sure pan handles are not hanging over the stove, and making sure there aren’t going to get smashed fingers or heads. The other day while on the boat Kate was standing on the buoy. He told her to get off it. I figured she might break it. He followed his statement up with “if you lose your balance you will hit your head on the windshield.” Hmmmm. I did not even think of that.

He so cute. I must say I am so glad my sister married him. He is a good husband, dad, uncle and Bother in-law. He even watches out for me, especially if Michael isn’t there. I am so grateful he is in our family. He is the greatest.

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