Sunday, August 8, 2010

On the road and your baby due when?

I recently planned a trip to Columbus, Ohio to see my 2nd family. I usually try to make it down there a couple times a summer but this summer has been so busy the kids had to remind me to plan the trip. So now I was trying to squeeze it in before Jess had her baby. For some time now, whenever we could, my is and I would make these adventures together. This time I tried to keep it low key. I told her when I was going but offered no invitation. I figured she would pass seeing that she was 9 months pregnant. I would like to say I was concerned for her, and didn’t want her to travel while she was so far along, but this was not the case. More than anything I didn’t want to be stuck in a minivan with 5 kids and a 9 months along, pregnant woman. But the day before the trip I realized it was the last time we would be able to make the trip together in one vehicle. Once she had this baby, we would be driving separately. So the day I was going to leave I called her and said, “let’s just go. Let’s just pack up and go together.” She, very much aware of why I didn’t invite her earlier, replied, “Do you feel sorry for me, or do you really want me to come.” I explained to her my sentimental reasoning and she too realized that this was our last hurrah! And what better way to do it than this crazy scenario. It was 9:00a.m. when we decided to go, and neither of us had packed a single item of clothing, never mind the fact that I had to pack up four kids and she needed to do laundry! We had to be out the door by 1:00 cause that is when Ayden was going to get cranky for a nap. After running around like a crazy lady packing for me and everyone else, also trying to clean the house up since I was too tired to do it the night before. When I looked at my messy house the night before, at that time I didn’t think I was going to make it out of town, cause ya see, the plot thickens. Not only was my sister 9 months pregnant but she had been having pre-labor contractions all week, and the day before we made this crazy decision, she was having them so bad she was sure she was going to the hospital, and then out of no where they stopped again. Yet, here we were the very next day piling ourselves in the car for a four hour journey. When I arrived at her house to pick her up, only 20 minutes behind( I was very impressed with myself, considering my house looked pretty good too) she looked at me and said, “Everyone I talk to thinks I am crazy” She was looking to me to absolved her concern. But I just looked and her and said “Yup, we are totally crazy! But, this is what we do.” She couldn’t deny it. We do find ourselves in many scenarios when we look at each other and say, “what were we thinking?” But we somehow manage to keep the craziness going, it is just what we do! So on the road we went……

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