Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Do you have the keys?

Do you ever try to cram too much in one day! I seem to be doing that a lot this summer, but today was especially full. First it began with a harmless trip to Meijer. I picked Jess up cause her car is not working and she needed food. Then we got a call from Chris saying her and Brock were headed to the play land in Charlotte, and invited us to join them. So off we went for lunch. Things were still running quite smooth at this point in time, until we thought we could hit the lake for some tubing. It was now 1:15 in the afternoon and I had to pick Josh of from day camp at 3:00, and pick Kate up from a friend’s house at 3:30 and I had a 4:00 phone appointment. We figured if we were on the boat by 1:45 that would give us an hour. So we hopped in our cars and drove home. We frantically put on bathing suits, loaded life jackets and tubes and headed to the dock. On my way down I got a hold of my mom who said she could pick Josh up at 3:00, and I called the parents of Kate’s friend and they said I could pick her up later also. So, we now could tube unit 3:30 before I had to head back for my 4:00 appointment. I stopped and picked up Chris and Brock who were looking for spare swim suits at Skip and Karen’s (across from the dock) since this was a spur of the moment plan. Finally; we all pile out and head to the boat. We got the cover off, and got everyone’s life jackets on. I ran back to the van to grab some water to have on board while Chris finished getting the boat ready. As I am heading back to the dock she asked me “Do you have Keys?” “Oh yes”, I replied, “they are in the van” So I ran back to the van to grab the keys out of the glove box, only when I got there they were not in the box. I went back and told Chris we would have to call Michael. I dialed his number and asked him where the keys were. He said, “At home on top of your jewelry box, and Jake's keys are here at work.” So Chris and I packed up the now “sweaty” kids and decided to jump in Skip and Karen’s pool to cool off. Crazy, we had everything all worked out to cram it all in, only to end up with no keys!!!!! I would like to say I went home and hung out for the evening but after I rushed myself to my 4:00 appointment, once I finished up I headed to get Kate. I stopped at the gas station to pick up rice to take to Jess’ house for dinner. Once we got to my sister’s house we all grabbed our swim suits and headed to the boat. We spent the evening tubing and ended up eating dinner at 9:00. It is now 10:30 and they are all finally tucked away in bed. Whew! What a great day.

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