Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Who said??!!

Who got to sit in their big giant chair and deicide what is acceptable and what is not. What is cool and what is uncool. Who said pimples and braces aren’t the bomb. Seriously, braces cost as much as a big beautiful diamond, and then some, that should count for something, right? Who said women have to have smoothe legs but if a man doesn’t have enough hair on his legs then he’s not man enough. Seriously, who got to make those decisions, cause I would like to give the person who invented “starch” a piece of my mind. Michael grabbed out a shirt to wear the other night and it was wrinkly. You see I gave up ironing about 11 years ago when my son was born. LOL Don’tcha just love how if I say, “I gave up” it sounds almost heroic. Like “Um yeah, when my son was born I decided to give up my wild side and settle down, so I gave up ironing the day he was born and haven’t ironed a drop since.” Yeah, I think I will stick with that version, it sounds better. The thing is when you think about it, how come wrinkled isn’t in. Some shirts come pre wrinkled! I actually love them. I can wad them up, throw them in a suit case and pull it out when I get to my destination and look just fine. So why aren’t wrinkled work shirts, or wrinkled cotton shirts just as acceptable. It’s just crazy. If you buy it wrinkled you can’t wear it pressed, but if you buy it pressed you can’t wear it wrinkled. Seriously, if the first person didn’t decide to iron we would never no the difference and housewives wouldn’t have the “ironing pile.”(Which I don’t have any more anyway cause I “gave that up along time ago” remember.) My method is put all my hang-ups in two loads, one dark and one light. Then I pull them out as soon as the dryer is done and hang them up. If I don’t get to the dryer quick enough, seeing that I have four kids, one of which is “Bo”, well to get that “ironedish” look I just toss the really bad ones back in the washer hoping to do better next time. Haha We do have a couple of shirts that just plain ‘require” ironing, according to “society” so I do break down and iron those when needed. Or sometimes if an item that just didn’t quite come out of the dryer somewhat “permanent pressed” I will quickly do it. I think I might just decide to start a new trend; it would be so much easier. First it’s no ironing then maybe I will quit shaving my legs. LOL

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