Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Meijer without kids, yet still an adventure

So last night I went into Meijer. I was kid free and was so excited about pushing the “little” blue cart. Ya know, the one you aren’t even allowed to put a kid in. I was going in to buy a big bag of cat food. I was aware that it would not entirely fit on my “little” cart, but I figured I could let some of the bag hang off. I didn’t need anything else anyway. Well, of course as I made my way through the store I remembered items I needed. The first thing was toilet paper. So I bought the “big” package of toilet paper, and grabbed the big bag of cat food. Then I needed snacks for our lake days. I kept finding things at 2 for 5. So I kept adding items 2 at a time. And then to top it off I realized I needed a case of water. My “little” cart was now totally loaded. On my way to the check out I remembered I needed juice boxes. As I made my way to the juice box isle things were dropping off my cart. But I was determined to get my juice boxes on my cart. I kept dropping things out of my cart and putting them back in all the way to the check out, but hey, at least I got to push the “little” cart. They crazy thing is all this happened after my trip to Lowe’s, for those of you who read yesterday’s post.

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