Thursday, July 8, 2010

What would you do for your favorite bowl of ice cream?

What would you do for a scoop of yummy ice cream with 8 kids in the house you did not want to share it with? My friend and her four kids came over today. We had gotten rained out of the pool. Literally, we were in the pool and it started to dump the rain. At first we figured all water was water and just let the kids play in the rain, but when a big, huge crack of thunder practically made us ALL jump out of our skin, we were out of the pool and back at my house making pizza. After lunch the kids scooped themselves some mint ice cream. Then I sent them all outside to eat it. While they were outside I grabbed the “Butterfinger” ice cream out of my basement freezer. Yummm. I love this stuff. However, I knew if I shared it with 8 kids it would be gone in no time. Granted I would consume LESS calories, but hey, what’s the fun in that. Haha. Anyway, I scooped my friend and I a bowl and we sat on the couch to eat it. We barely got one bite in our mouths and a couple of kids came wondering in. (They travel in pairs. I have for and she has each ones counter part. It is a great system) So two came in and we are scrambling to hide our ice cream behind pillows and couches. Finally, I boot them out saying we are having adult conversation. And back to the ice cream we went. Then of course, a couple minutes later 2 more popped in. “Ok, get what you need and go somewhere else, we are having adult conversation” I repeated the speech. Once they were gone, back to the ice cream we went. I did this 3 times and finally just locked the door. I remember getting locked out as a kid too. My parents always said it was because we kept going in and out. But I bet they were just trying to sneak their favorite ice cream. haha

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