Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Don't plan to accomplish too much.

Don't make plans to accomplish too much. If the kids get wind of it they will put a stop to such crazy notions. Today I dropped my older three off to farm camp and really wanted to get some writing work done. So I thought I would pick up my nephew, Ayden (2) and take the kids to the little fenced in playground in town. I was just going to take Bo, but I thought he might last longer with a friend to play with, and I had a lot to get done. So I drove out and grabbed Ayden and then back to Springport to the park. I spread out my sheet in the grass and got all situated with my notebook. After about 20 minutes Ayden came to inform me he would like to go bye, bye. I replied both enthusiastically and desperately, “No, we aren’t leaving yet, go play with Bo. Go and have some fun on the slide.” And off he went so back to work I went. But then five minutes later there he was whining to me, “Go bye, bye.” Again I turned down his request to leave the “fun” playground and went back to work. Finally, after we had been at the playground for a total of about 30 minutes he was back at my sheet standing there looking down at me with big giant crocodile tears saying “Bye, bye. Want to go bye, bye.” So I looked over at Bo, who was playing contently by himself in the sand and asked him if he wanted to go to Aunt Jessie’s house. His first reply was no, but with some coercing he finally agreed to leave the playground. Seriously, I picked up a friend for my kid to play with at the playground and ended up having to talk my own kid into leaving cause his little buddy didn’t want to stay. Oh the irony of things. Parent choices are most times a big gamble it seems. Win some lose some.

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