Monday, August 30, 2010

Reflecting on today, makes me laugh!

Reflecting on today makes me laugh. I took the kids to the beach today and I can still smile just thinking about watching them all playing. I especially chuckle when I replay the time Timmy was just running down the beach shore with his swim shorts drooping, as they tend to do, with his little buns just starting to peak out. To be honest I am surprised they are still white considering the amount of time I have seen them in the sun this summer.

Today was great. I lay on a sheet till my hearts content, then I went for a swim with the kids. After a while, I ended up in the shallow area with Timmy and Bo. We were scuffing our feet in the dirt, in the shallow part of the water, and then watching it billow out under the water. It was crazy. It looked like we were witnessing an explosion from miles away. So we went up and down the shore kicking the dirt leaving a trail of “smoke” under the water. Eventually, we ended up having a water fight. Once I was done with that I headed back to my sheet and thought, “I bet playing in the water with your kids adds years to your life. It just felt great to play in the water and watch them laugh. I just love summer and I am doing my best to soak up the last moment we have of it.

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