Sunday, August 22, 2010

She's having a baby!

“She said that you need to get here NOW!” Jake said to me over the phone. I was on my way to a family reunion and my sister was apparently on her way to the hospital. She called me that morning saying she was starting to have contractions again and that she would keep me posted. She had been having contractions on and off for three weeks now, and we just got used to going on with our day, because they usually quit after a couple of hours. Well, this time they were real and she said, “Get here now!” They were van shopping in preparation for their new arrival, and when her contractions kept getting stronger and closer together they decide to go near by the hospital. On my way, my 30 minute drive to the hospital, she called me 3 times asking how far I was, and was asking me if she should just check in. I told her it was up to her and I would find her when I got there. I hung up the phone and said to my mom, “You better speed. We will just tell the cop that we are having a baby!” Never mind she wasn’t even en in the car with us.

Finally, we arrived at the hospital. My mom dropped me off out front and then went to park. She let me off at the patient pick up and I couldn’t get in. So I ran down to the other doors asking what floor labor and delivery was on.

As I was running down the hall to the elevators I called Jake and asked, “Where are you?” “Two D.” He responded. “OK, I am on my way.” I said. Then I hung up and dashed in an elevator. As I stepped off on the 3rd floor nothing looked familiar and it said intensive care or something I can’t remember, but it certainly wasn’t Labor and Delivery. I found a nurse and told her I was lost. She said I was definitely in the wrong area. She took me down a hallway you could only cross if you had a key card, and got me to Labor and Delivery. I was then frantically looking for room two D. The nurses asked me if they could help me find something. I told them I needed to find room Two D. “We don’t have a room two D.” they said with a puzzled tone. “Oh, well my sister is having a baby. Oh well of course she is having a baby, that is why I am standing here.” I babbled frantically. “OK what is her name?” they asked. “Right, right her name. That would help. It is Warren.” I replied. They all looked at each other very confused as they search the computer. “Jessica Warren.” I clarified. “WE don’t have any Warrens here.” For a moment I thought I went to the wrong hospital and then I remembered that they never told me if they checked in or not. “Oh, the parking garage ramp. They are still in the parking garage.” “I will be right back with her,” I said running back out the doors. I am surprised they didn’t call security and send the psych ward after me. I ran out the doors and saw the hall I came in on realized I could not go back the way I came without a nurse. So I headed for the elevators asking the people going down if they new how to get to the parking ramp. They did so I followed them out hoping she didn’t hatch the kid before I found her. Seriously, this was turning into a sitcom just waiting to air. I could see this on Seinfield or something. haha


  1. Awesome story! Nathanael almost missed our newest's (Caleb) additions birth too. I was 6cm and we told him if he was going to eat lunch he should go now. about 10 min later I was 10 cm and ready to push. Joyce called Nathanael in the cafe', he had just gotten his berger and had two bites. He threw it away and ran to the elevator. He got to the delivery room and three pushes later Caleb was here. So much faster this time!