Thursday, August 26, 2010

She had a baby, of course?

Well, I have had a few people ask me how the “she is having a baby” story ends. Well, she had a baby of course. Haha. There is definitely a lot more to the story, I just have been to busy holding the baby to write it. Haha. I did make it to the truck before she delivered. She insisted on walking in to help the contractions keep the baby moving down. So we had to stop 4 times from the tuck to the hospital entrance so she could breath through contractions. I found my self chuckling at the thought of the security guard on duty, just sitting up there watching parking ramp videos. That had to be an entertaining sight. We had to stop another 3 times from the entrance to the elevators to take us to the 3rd floor. People kept trying to give her wheel chairs. She tried sitting in one but said it was more painful to sit then to stand. So after that she just kept turning them down. Finally, we were steps away from the elevator and we were stopped again as she leaned into Jake doing her breathing pattern through another contraction. One of the hospital staff came and was talking to us about getting her a wheel chair. She again declined and he said, “Is her back hurting her?” I said, “She is having a baby.” Then I felt really stupid for stating the obvious until he said “Right now?” So to be honest I’m not sure if he was being smart with me for stating the obvious, or if he just really didn’t get it. Anyway, as I am trying to talk to him about the situation, Jess, still having a contraction utters a “Shhhhhhh.” So I was quiet, but this guy kept talking about wheel chairs and elevators and such. Getting seriously irritated Jess finally just says right out loud “Shut up!” I could hardly keep from laughing. Seeing that he kept talking I don’t think he got that either. We finally got her on to the elevator where we had to explain to another “man” with a wheel chair why she didn’t want to sit in it. Just as the doors were about to open she had another contraction so their we were holding the elevator doors open so the elevator wouldn’t take us back down, yet she couldn’t exactly move at that point in time either. So the “man” on the elevator hollers out, “We need a stretcher, NOW!” My sister just rolled her eyes. If everyone would just leave her alone during the contraction she would be ok. But still, it was quite funny. By the time she checked in she was at a 7 and delivered the fat chunky sumo wrestler 2½ hours later. He was purple and fat!!!!

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