Monday, September 6, 2010

Last day of fun in the sun, well kina.

Today we all hit the water for one last spin on the boat before school starts again. The roles were a bit reversed today. At about 2:00 Michael was telling the kids to get there swim suits on, and each one of them responded with “But Dad it’s too cold.” So we all put on our suits, and then put sweat pants and sweat shirts over top of them to shield us from the wind chill. It’s kinda funny how cool 70 degrees is after it has been 80 degrees for so long. The boys were all brave enough to hop in the cold water, but as for Kate and I, we chose to just chose to soak up the last days of the gorgeous sunshine, the rays we could get through are parkas anyway. Michael was the first to go. He wanted to try this wake board thing. It is like a mini serf board. He had fun for a bit and then one of his boots broke. Being the immature middle schooler he is, oh oops, I mean the determined courageous man he is, he decided to try to do it with one good boot. Well, there were screws sticking up from the ripped boot and we ended up taking Michael back to Jess’ house with his foot wrapped in a towel. Back at the house Jake played EMT and enjoyed dumping the alcohol on Michael’s sliced heal just a little much. Jess and I just watched both cringing at how gross it was and laughing at the boys and this whole process. By the time the “surgery” was over it was actually pretty nice outside and we headed out for a little more sun. I still didn’t brave the icy waters, but it was fun watching Jake and the kids be hooligans. Michael was the boat driver for the rest of the night. I am just glad we didn’t have to go to the ER. My dad had to go to the ER on Labor Day some years back due to a water skiing incident gone wrong…but that is a whole different story. Let’s just say he wasn’t really “meant” to do the splits.

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