Thursday, September 9, 2010

They grow up too fast.

It has been strange for me to watch my oldest kid venture off to middle school. Eleven years ago when he was born to me, just a kid myself, I remember thinking I would never sleep through the night again. Well, I hardly ever did sleep through the night sense then, as most of you moms know, especially now with four. If one kid gets up just one night a week, well that is four days out of my week. I remember people telling me “It will go by so fast, cherish every moment” Whenever I heard this I couldn’t help but think, “Yeah, you didn’t have the night I had last night. It was anything but FAST.” Or during the potty training. Ugh. Seriously, there were times I thought he would graduate in diapers, despite my dad telling me that he wouldn’t. But sure enough by the time he was 4 he had mastered it. And now here he is in middle school and I think to myself. “They were right. It went by so fast.” Now I am dealing with toddler issues with Bo, and even though it is exhausting and some days I just imagine him at five, I am not naive to how fast it will slip through my fingers. Now I believe it when people comment on how fast it goes. Now Josh is in sixth grade. It is crazy to see him getting older, but I gotta say I am quite fond of him. I am glad we didn’t give him away as an infant. I think that is why we still have Bo, we are hoping to like him better later. Haha. He won’t be little forever. Some day he will be off to middle school himself. So now I must cherish all his little disasters. For it is true what they say. “They grow up too fast”

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