Thursday, October 14, 2010

Go to sleep puppy!

I walked into the kitchen the other day and found Bo on all fours with lapping up water out of a bowl like a puppy. For about 3 weeks now he has been watching “Clifford, the Big Red Dog.” Apparently he is trying to be just like him. Today while all the little kids were warming up for their soccer game they were kicking balls into the goal. Bo wanted to go play with the kids and I saw no harm in letting him play with them during their warm up. When I looked up he was out on the field on all fours pushing the ball with his nose. And then to top it all off I was tucking the little “red bull” child to bed. (That is what all call him cause tucking him in is seriously like tucking a 3 year old on red bull to bed) So I was lying next to him singing his night time song, while he was bouncing on all fours and then he licked me! EEEEWWWWW! “Now mommy lick Bo” he said “Bo you are not a puppy” I said. And his response was “Woof!” Well, maybe he is part puppy. For now anyway. “Go to sleep little puppy.”

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