Monday, October 18, 2010

First Dance

Last Friday was my FIRST baby’s FIRST dance. I honestly can’t believe it. It is times like these I find myself going down memory lane. Thinking of his first steps his first words. The first day he walked in a slammed his briefcase on the counter and pleads his first case at the age of 4. I think of all the items we found in the VCR, like puzzle pieces and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and now he barley knows what a VCR is. Now he is off to middle school going to dances. Soon his voice will be cracking and he will have armpit hair. Really, me with a kid who has armpit hair. How can that be, after all I am just a kid myself. I find myself wondering if I will ever FEEL old enough to have kids as old as there are. My Dad says your body grows old but in your head you always feel young. I remember when Josh was 2 and I had a friend with a 5 year old and I just couldn’t imagine myself with a 5 year old. And that came and went. Then I couldn’t imagine him turning 10, and that came and went. And then middle school arrived and now I just honestly can’t imagine myself with a son who has armpit hair and shaves his face. Really! I just can’t imagine it! And that is just the beginning, I have 4 kids. After having a son with armpit hair it will be off to the brazier section of Sears with my daughter. And then two more sets of boy pits to follow. Sound crazy!

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