Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Oops, what time is soccer?

Today I forgot about Timmy’s soccer practice. Tuesday’s are my busiest days with Timmy’s soccer practice, Josh’s play practice, Josh’s boy scouts and I teach a parenting class in the evening. It is all written out color coded per person on the calendar. I even told numerous people on the phone today my whole schedule. But by soccer time I had forgotten. I was folding laundry when I checked to see if it was time to pick up Josh. That is when it hit me, SOCCER!!!! It was half over by that point and when I did the math on how long it would take Timmy to get his shin guards and cleats on, combined with the time it would take me to first convince Bo to get ready and then actually get him ready, there would be fifteen minutes left and I just couldn’t bring myself to begin the charade. It was exhausting getting Bo ready for anything these days. He can’t just put one leg in his pants after the other. He has to jump into them and hop around while I try to pull them up. And when putting on his shoes he likes to insist that the right foot goes in the left shoe and the left foot in the right. And then to the van. Oh the choices. Does he want to sit in the booster, or the car seat. If he chooses the booster does he want it in the middle or the back, on the left side of the van or the right. And all his choices have to be HIS idea, cause if I make a suggestion, well that just can’t be what he wants to do. Heaven forbid the mom know anything at all. What has this world come to when the mom has a clue what the kid wants. So yeah, when I realized I was already a half an hour late, I just decided to keep folding the laundry.

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