Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree

As I began pondering what to write about this evening my thoughts turn to Bo. I am sure those of you who regularly read my blog feel as though you know Bo very well seeing that he is often the topic of the blogs. He is 3 ½ now and I am starting to see signs of “normal human being” in him. Granted the kid will never be completely normal, he has Michael and I for parents, he really only has so much to work with. But he is starting to grow up a bit. He is still quite the ball of energy but he is speaking mostly English these days, and is almost accident freeish. He will actually sit and play with his toys for more than 3 minutes by himself now. And lately I can get bubbles or play dough out and he will play for an hour while I clean the kitchen and such. What I have been quite amused by is the dialogue he has with who knows who while he is playing. It is funny cause he talks to his imaginary people the way I talk to him. The other day he was saying, “OK, do you want to play with the tractor or the train, the tractor or the train, no you can play with the tractor or the train”. I just had to laugh because this is how many of our conversations go. I will usually give him a choice between 2 options and he tries hard to pick a different one at first before picking. And another little story happened yesterday. He went in to use the bathroom and when he was done I hear him talking to the doll sitting on a little wooden potty chair for decoration. He said, “oh you have to go potty to, good job, or you are going acky on the potty, oh OK” I just had to laugh because again these were all words he had heard before. I have noticed if you really want to know what you sound like, just listen to your kids. Some times it is sweet and endearing, and other times not so much, like the times I hear my kids say to a sibling, “I said get over hear right now!” Yeah, not my proudest moment. But it is funny, the apples really don’t fall far from the tree. lol

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