Friday, October 22, 2010

This morning sickness is killing me

This morning sickness is killing me. I get a whiff of that cold crisp are and I just want to vomit. I smelled trident gum today and it made me gag. I just can’t stand that icky feeling. Nope, I am not pregnant, but the problem is for 3 of my pregnancies I was morning sick in October and November. So every year when the air starts to get crisp, I have moments when I actually feel pregnant. It is like when you eat sloppy joes right before you get the flu, and than you never want to eat them again. Fall crisp air, trident gum, fabreeze, and arm and hammer toothpaste make me feel sick. It doesn’t help that when I was morning sick with my boys I pretty much threw up everything. So, besides the fact that I don’t really want any more kids, I just really don’t ever want to be morning sick again. And on the subject of never wanting to be morning sick again, I was helping set up for the Mom to Mom baby sale tonight and was walking around looking at the booths. I saw all the baby stuff like swings, changing tables, extra saucers, and all that stuff and all I could think was, “oh I am soooooo glad I don’t need to buy any of this stuff. Whoo hoo!

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