Friday, October 8, 2010

The Mall

Well, today my sis and I went to the mall, only this time she had more kids than I did. It was kinda fun to have the small crowd for a change. The crazy adventure began when I realized I left my stroller in my van and we took her car. Fortunately I had a token in my purse for one of those mall carts. We grabbed a double stroller so Jess could put Zane in her stroller and Ayden and Bo would ride in the double. It didn’t take long before they started pestering each other. Bo was riding in the front and Ayden would reach up and wop him on the head and then Bo would squeal and then tattle, “Annin Hit Bo,” he would whine. We made our way to old navy. The boys were picking at each other and Zane was getting fussy. Amazingly enough I had great success at old navy. I have needed long sleeve shirts for a while now and was glad to find some. Once my bill was all added up I realized I left my wallet in Jessica’s car. While calling my sis on the phone to locate her the boys had irritated each other to the point of screaming. Jess could hear them from out side the store. Jess covered my bill for the moment and we got out of there. Wandering the mall we ended up going into the Ambercombie store. This is a store I have maybe been in one other time and boy did I feel out of place when I walked in. It is dark like a lounge and has trees throughout the store. You should have seen the look on the workers face when this mom walked through the door pushing the primary colored bus with 2 kids and a giant diaper bag. “Can I help you?” He asked. “Oh I am with her.” I said pointing to my sister ahead of me. She too with her stroller. We must have been a sight. Jess was looking for a man’s leather bracelet and when they didn’t have one we got our crew outta there. Aside from me crashing into clothing racks with my ginormous bus, things were finally going well. The baby went to sleep and we bought Ayden and Bo a snack so the pestering had ceased for a bit. I looked at my watch wondering how much time we had left and it was 2:00. Oh my gosh, we had to leave right away to get home in time to pick up the kids. So we headed for the exit, only something was wrong with my “bus”. Something was wrong with the wheel and it was making a horrible screeching sound. But I was in such a hurry I really just had to keep pushing it. We passed through the food court on our way out and people kept looking over at me with their faces looking as if they were in physical pain from the awful noise. At this time my sis and I are laughing so hard. But I just kept pushing it out. Seriously, you could here it though out the entire food court. It was straight out of a sit-com. All in all it all worked. I got some shirts and the kids got picked up from school. However, I do think that if the mall is going to rent out strollers that the stores should make there isles big enough to push it through. But maybe they are just trying to keep the zoo crews like mine out. I know I will not be taking my bus back to Ambercombie.

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