Monday, December 13, 2010

Mom fringe benefits

I haven’t written the past few days because I have been sick, which brings me to my topic of discussion. I believe there should be fringe benefits when you become a mom. Some of which being growing 2 extra arms, really getting eyes in the back of your head, and of course the super immune system so you never, get sick. I can think back on all the years when I would get sick and I would think, “I just want to call in sick to work”, but since my “boss” was a nine month old it didn’t happen. Yup, I would spend the day trying to survive just hoping the baby would nap and the others would watch a movie so I could fall asleep on the couch. The dishes would pile up in the sink and any dropped food would just lie where it landed. Hey, I just figured I was doing good if I fed the kids.

However, I am seeing a little easier side to life. This past week when I got sick I woke my kids up for school, told them to order hot lunch, and went back to bed. Michael dropped 3 off three kids on his way to work and it was just me and Bo at home, which ordinarily would have been exhausting but he likes TV now. So we spent most of the day in our jammies watching cartoons. And then that night I asked Josh to pop in frozen pizzas for dinner. So I am glad things are getting easier, but still, the fringe benefits would be nice. Especially for the early years. My sister called me last week talking about how she was sick and my whole body cringed, she has a four month old. She definitely could use those benefits now.

I was grateful for my hubby and my older three this weekend. I had to go to urgent care and get an antibiotic, and then I just stayed in bed all day while Mike watched the kids. It was relaxing. I even watched a movie, during daylight hours, I can’t remember the last time I did that. And then that night, Michael had a birthday party to go to. He left Josh and Kate in charge and they took care of Bo all evening and even got the boys ready for bed and tucked them in to bed. It was so sweet listening to Kate to say prayers with Bo and Timmy and sing them their song. So after all those years of taking care of all the little munchkins while I was enduring being sick, this year they took care of me!

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