Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I dance like a "white" girl...still!

I AM BACK!!! You may have noticed I took two weeks off from writing. Or maybe your Christmas Break was just like mine and you were so busy your computer started to collect dust. Well, I feel like I am finally getting back into the groove of my life as a taxi service once again, seeing that my kids need a planner more than I do. I thought my first day back I would tell you about my break, but I went to Zumba so naturally I have to write about my “Latin Dance”
I was so excited to attend my first Zumba class. I mentioned a September post, that “I dance like a white girl”. And despite the real live instructor, which for some reason I thought might transform me into a hip swinging Goddess, well, I still dance like a white girl. I realized tonight I must be “right bodied”. What is so hard about just reversing the move, I don’t know. I especially loved the moment when she said those great words, “ok, let me show you the moves slowly,” only to find out her definition of slow and mine were quite different. I really needed the elementary version! Remember the letter people for learning how to read. I need little “zumba people” showing me step by step as if in slow motion over and over again. And to shake it, well I can handle the task with my feet planted, but tell me, how do ya “shake it” and walk at the same time. Then to make it even more crazy, she did this grape vine move with a full spin in the middle. I don’t know about you but coordination and me, hmmm, I was just glad I didn’t fall on the girl I spun myself next too. That would have been embarrassing. It would have made a good blog post I am sure, but lets face it, there are some stories you just don’t want to tell. The good news is, according to my very sweet, very encouraging instructor, I did well. When we started class she said the most important goal of the night was to keep your feet moving, keep your heart rate up, and sweat. So even though there were points I was just flailing my feet around to look busy, or bouncing left and right to go with the crowd, I managed to do what she asked of me. I have to say though, one of my favorite comments was made by the woman in front of me. Our instructor had us doing a “shake it” move, and then she said to switch and the comment was “switch what?” Apparently there is a “left” way, and a “right” way to “shake it” lol As we were stretching our instructor encouraged us to eat healthy after such a work out. She said going home and devouring a cheeseburger and fries would give us a stomach ache. So being the good girl I am, I did no such thing. I had a bowl of ice cream instead! I gotta say, although I only got about 10% of the moves, it was a lot of fun. Hopefully I improve and I can someday write a post about how I discovered my “inner Latin Soul.”

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