Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sick or not?

“Bo, would you please just at least pretend you are sick, now that we are at the doctors office.” I said to my kid who although had a fever he was bouncing into the waiting room like a jumping bean. When it comes to taking my kids to the doctor I am a big “waiter”. I like to be sure there is a for sure reason we are there. Basically, my kids have to be missing a limb before I take them in. Well, Bo had been running a fever since Monday night but he just kept bouncing around the house keeping me busy as usual so I kept “waiting” to take him in. Well, last night at about 6pm, he said “Mom, I am tired. I want to sleep in your bed. Carry me, mom.” Whoa! I couldn’t find the phone fast enough. Seriously, Bo, tired, since when. Surely he must have the plague. I called the doctor the next morning. Of course he woke up all bright and cheery. And I began to doubt myself till he crashed again at noon. I thought I would take advantage of his movie moment and get some work done. And after an hour of resting he was back up trying to push buttons on my computer. Finally, time for the doctor and there he was all bright and cheery, still running a temp. Fortunately, the wait wasn’t long, so he only had time to rip up the paper on the patient table. And then the strep throat test came back positive. Seriously the kid, the jumping bean, has strep throat.

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