Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Tree

The kids and I had our annual “decorate the tree” with mom night. I know this may sound kinda strange, but Michael has never really liked the whole “decorate for Christmas” charade. So seeing that Michael is already the coolest cause Dad’s often are, well, I figured I could be the cool one they decorate the tree with. We do so many other things as a family so I really do cherish this special activity with the kids. We put the Christmas music on and got to work. I just loved watching all four of the kids actually work together with no fighting it was magical. However, we did have a few hang-ups. About half way up the tree we realized we were putting the branches in the wrong spots. The tree is color coded to tell us which branches go on which level but over the years the color dots have faded and a few have fallen off. So my knight in shining armor, who hates putting up the tree, came in to save the day. He helped us get all the branches on and then went back to his computer game. Josh and I then began wrapping the tree with lights only to get delayed half way down the nine-foot tree when I realized somewhere we plugged a set in backwards. If we didn’t find out where, and change it, I wasn’t going to have any prongs at the end to plug the lights into the wall. So once again Michael came back in to help Josh and I figure it out. But the good news is when we got the lights on the tree they ALL still worked. Last year I plugged the lights in to test them before putting them on the tree and they worked, but by the time I got them on the tree the set in the middle, no doubt, did not work. Anyway, we got the tree done and then shut all the light off in the house. Even Michael sat there on the couch with us for the grand lighting of the tree. I think he likes that part. Lol

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