Monday, November 29, 2010

On big happy "dysfunctional" family

Well, post Happy Thanksgiving to all. I hope all your Thanksgivings were great! We sure had a great time. I always love the holidays. I was just telling Michael one of my favorite moments of the holidays is walking through the door or watching others walk through the door. I love that initial burst of energy with everyone hugging. It may be a sister you saw last week or an aunt you haven’t seen in a year, it still on of my favorite moments. I really do love the holidays; they make the winter seem warmer.

I know sometimes the Holidays can be a bittersweet. Perhaps you have lost a loved one, or there is turmoil in your family. I too can recall the day I just wanted to sleep through the holidays because my family dynamic had changed and it was a very painful time for me. I remember when I just couldn’t stand the sound of Christmas music because it reminded be I no longer had “one big happy family”. My Christmas no longer looked the way it was supposed to. But through time and acceptance the Holidays are back at the top of my list, well, right under “summer time!” And the ironic part of it all is I have learned to appreciate family “dysfunction.” Every family has it’s own dysfunction. It may be divorce, a sibling spat, or your crazy aunt Martha. But what I love about family is just before you leave the party, you hug and wish each other the best because no matter the dysfunction, they are your family and you love em. And that is why I love the phrase coined by my “step-sister”

“We are just one, big happy, dysfunctional family”

So to all the “dysfunctional” families out there…. embrace your dysfunction and enjoy each other this holiday. Even enjoy your crazy Aunt Martha. haha

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