Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I'm Cleaning??

I find it ironic when I work on deep cleaning one room in my house, the rest of my house falls apart. Today we had Travis over, so Bo was occupied for literally 7 hours straight, it was great. I decided to clean out my office. And I mean CLEAN. I cleaned out the big cabinet, and the bookshelf, and my desk shelves, and even re-arranged a bit. I also got up on a chair and dusted off the safe and the tall cabinet. Oh my gosh the amount of dust that was up there, I am surprised I can still breath. Finally, it was all done and I vacuumed it for that perfect clean feel. Ahhhhhh. It felt so good to stand in the middle of the room and take it all in. And then I stepped out of the office and into the part of the house that I not only neglected but a pair of 3 year olds had been doing there best to play in every room of the house. I stepped into the hall where I had piled my no longer needed items, and the kids stuff that I was no longer keeping in my space seeing that Josh and Kate both have their own rooms. The toy room had toys everywhere and was sprinkled with cheese crackers from the boys snacking at the little tykes kitchen. Moving on to the kitchen there were 2 dirty plates on the table with dried Mac-n-cheese on them, and shredded cheese all over the floor. I had given the boys a handful of cheese at Bo’s request of course, and when I stepped out of the kitchen they decided to refill themselves. Fortunately, I caught them in the act and they didn’t eat any more, but naturally I just left the mess cause I was busy “cleaning.” My couch pillows were all over my living room floor and when I heard Bo say that they made a surprise for me in his room, well I was just sooooo excited. I went up there to see they had emptied my linen closet of all the sheets, pillow cases, blankets and extra pillows to make a fort in his bed room. It looked more like a mountain that a fort, but they were pretty proud. And to top it off they emptied the dirty towels out of the basket in my hallway and had those strewn about their fort. When I informed them that they were dirty they were both willing to put them back in the basket. Crazy how I got one room REALLY clean, only to have the others get destroyed. But to be honest, it was all worth it. It didn’t take me near as long to pick up the rest of the house as it did to deep clean the office. It did help my clean up time when rather than re fold all my sheets and blankets I just wadded them into a ball and shoved them in the closet. I will just fold them after the next washing!

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