Monday, January 17, 2011

Cast Away!!!!

Cast Away Café. A place you go to let all your little Tarzans play. My sister and I thought we would be the “cool” parents and spontaneously take our kids to the “Cast Away Café” in Howell today. It seems though, that when Jess and I do something spontaneously, adventure always accompanies us. Surprisingly today things went incredibly smooth. I was actually ready to go before she was, which rarely happens. She is usually calling me asking how much longer, and I am always telling her a time subtracting 10 minutes from the truth just so it sounds better to her. But not today. Today the girl with four was first out the door. We met in Eaton Rapids where my kids piled into her car so we could ride together. The older three had their movie in the back and the younger boys were watching “Cars” in the middle, and Jess and I were sipping our coffee in the front. What could be better? The trip was perfect. That is until we walked in the door of the playland and realized we were not the only parents going for the “most coolness award.” In fact I think every parent in Howell and surrounding cities, and maybe some parents from Indiana, Ohio, and even the UP were there. Oh if we hadn’t driven an hour we would have turned around and left. Also, that choice would have taken us from the “Cool Parent” to the “Lame Parent” in one split second! So, seeing that they had a locked one way in and one way out gate, and you could only take the kids out that had the same stamp as you, we decided to face the crowd. It actually turned out great! They had a great deal on pizza and our little Tarzans used up all their energy and went to bed Great tonight.

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