Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cleaning House, it won't kill ya.

So tell me, is there some sort of encyclopedia, or internet site out their that only the 4th grade and up kids read. There just has to be some sort of informational reading out there that you gain privileged access to when you enter the 4th grade. I am sure what Not to wear, and who has koodies this week is in it. Right along with the aweful desease you will catch if you “clean”. The reason I say it is privileged access to 4th grade and up is because Timmy and Bo will just hop to it. Timmy does his chores as quick as he can to insure his computer time will be available. And Bo, who knows why he likes cleaning so much, but he does. Josh and Kate act as if they might get the plague, from making their bed, dusting, or putting their laundry away. Now they could, I suppose they get the plague from cleaning their bathroom, but I always sterilize the kids after they clean the bathroom, so we should be good. But never the less, you would think that I asked them to go out back and plant a field with a horse and plow. Whew. Kids, gotta love ‘em.

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