Thursday, January 20, 2011

A good Grown-up

The other day I felt like I was having one of those, “I am the worst mom on the planet days.” I was fighting a head cold, so my patience bucket was lower than it’s usual low anyway. Some how we managed to survive the day. No one was sold and no one was duck taped to a chair so things could have been worse. I just felt bad for being crabby. Well, that night Kate just made my heart melt and I just knew everything would be ok. I was lying in bed snuggling with her. This is something she likes to do from time to time when I am tucking her in. I was lying there stroking her hair and I said to her, “You are a good kid Kate.” This is a phrase I say to them often and they usually give me a cute grin. Well that night Kate looked back at me and said, “You are a good grown-up mom.” And then followed it with a cute giggle. We were both just lying there laughing. In that moment I couldn’t help believe that despite my “not so proud” parenting moments, my kids know I love them and they are happy to be a part of this family. And that is all that really matters!

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