Friday, January 21, 2011

Friend day, 4 times 2 is how many!

Today was a ½ day. And the whole day just started out crazy. I got up this morning and had 4 sandwiches made when Josh reminded me that they don’t eat lunch on ½ days. Then at 10:45 I realized that school didn’t get out at 11:55 but actually 10:55. So I hurried Bo to get dressed. He is in this phase where he wants to pick out his own clothes. Being that I needed to have him dressed in 60 seconds I chose not to argue with him when he picked out a white shirt. Even though the responsible mom in me was thinking that “white” was not a good idea for this kid. But I threw it on him and managed to make it up to the school by 3:00.

I told each of my kids that they could have a friend over on this half day of school. Of course I have 4 kids of my own, so when they each have a friend over our numbers multiply quickly. Fortunately my older two seem to just disappear when their friends are here, so I just have to keep an eye on the younger hooligans. So far the day has been quite interesting. I went up to my bedroom when things got quiet, which is naturally a sure sign of trouble, and I walked in the kids bathroom only to find Travis and Bo brushing their teeth. I know, sounds like a good thing right? The problem was I have no idea whose toothbrushes they were using. I can’t say Kate will be to thrilled if it was hers. Then I walked into my bedroom to find every cough drop in the bag I had by my bed had been unwrapped and on thrown on the floor. I am sure this was my sons idea, it looked like his handy work. Later the little boys wanted to snack on more pizza. While eating they made up a game, instigated by my son of course. The object was to hit your head on the table. Yeah, I don’t get it either. All I know is Bo wopped his head on the table on purpose, said, “owe” and then laughed. “Well, there goes college”, I thought to myself. Once they were done eating, they started picking on the girls. So I just said the magic words of “play dough” and they came running.

It was a crazy day, but a good crazy. Each kid had a blast playing with their friends. No one ended up in the hospital and no one ended up crying with their feelings hurt, so that’s always good. And at the end they all pitched in and cleaned up with great attitudes. That sure makes it worth doing again! I guess I would say the only casualty was the white shirt. By the end of the day the “white” shirt had pizza all down the front, playdough on the elbows, spaghetti splattered on it from dinner, a stripe of grape juice down the very center and to top it off some splatters of chocolate cheesecake.

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