Wednesday, January 26, 2011

So glad my life isn't boring

I was chatting with a friend today about daughters and dramatic exits. She was sharing a story of her daughters dramatic exit, which was quite funny(you can read it at it is the Jan.24th post) Anyway it just got me thinking about all the crazy things our kids do that drive us crazy. Yet even in the craziness where would I be without such stories. It is like I tell my husband all the time. “Babe, your life would be way too boring and predictable without me in it” Ya see my man is very logical and pretty smart if I do say so myself. He would never find himself in the crazy predicaments I get myself into. Such as losing my minivan at the Breslin Center(an earlier post), or deciding one day to highlight my hair with foils and bleach(earlier post), or trying to rearrange a room and having to leave the furniture in the middle of the room because my legs couldn’t push against the wall anymore cause they weren’t long enough and I was strong enough without that leverage(sure to be a post soon lol). Anyway, it is when I am in these predicaments I tell him my line, “Babe, your life would be way too boring and predictable without me in it” And as I thought of my four kids and their craziness, that obviously they come by honestly, I think to myself, “my life would be way to boring and predictable without them in it” And then my mind wanders to the successful people in Hollywood. What were they like. I mean you can’t tell me that at the age 7, Jim Carey didn’t drive his mom insane. Or seriously how many fires did Edison start as a teenager because he was fascinated with putting energy to work. And Einstein, don’t even get me started! I can see Timmy with that kind of hairdo himself. So the next time your kid is driving you crazy, or maybe they have their drama knob turned up too high, just think about how to help them channel that genius creativity. Who knows, maybe you will see them on the red carpet someday.

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