Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Gotta love Dad in-laws

Gotta love Dad in-laws. My poor husband was stuck outside with a broken tractor today. Fortunately he got most of the driveway plowed before he had to play “tractor mechanic.” After many hours of working on it and a trip to the Tractor store he called in the big guns, his Dad. From time to time I would peek out my door and see them working in the driveway on the tractor that will no longer move. I would look out there and think “how adorable.” I don’t know why but I just think it is the cutest thing to see Michael and his Dad working together. I guess it’s nice to know that no matter how old we get our parents are still there to help us out and offer their wisdom from the same turn of events that occurred in their life while we were the kids sitting at the table eating soup just like mine were tonight. And then my Dad in-law came in to have some hot soup and took the time to do some card tricks and tell jokes with my kids. Needless to say the whole seen just left me feeling all warm and fuzzy on such a cold blustery day.

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  1. Ha! David, Tim and I went to look at a house the other and my car got stuck in some deep snow... we had to call 1-800-NEED-DAD. He's Mr. Fix-It, Mr. Pulls-Out-Of-The-Ditch, Dr. Best-Massages-Ever, and so much more. What a resume, right!?