Monday, February 28, 2011

Screw loose?

Well, I had notes written all over my house since last Wednesday telling me NOT to eat Monday morning so I could get my blood drawn. For those of you who have read my blog before may recognize this predicament. I was supposed to get my blood drawn way back when before it even got cold. So once again I was attempting to do it this week. This morning, rather than getting up like a good little mom to make the kids lunches, I slept in till Bo pried me out of bed. I wandered downstairs still barely awake, I grabbed the cereal box off the counter and yes, ate a handful of cereal. Finally I started waking up and looked at the calendar and realized I did it again. I would have to plan another trip to the LAB, which with my schedule these days is tough. I talked to my husband later and asked him if I had a screw loose or something. His response was, “No Babe you don’t have a screw loose.” And just as I was thinking sweet things about my supportive hubby he followed it with, “That screw fell out a long time ago.” I had to laugh. That is one thing I do love about Michael. When I am stressing, he always helps me laugh. So I leave you with this, rather than stress about your “loose screws” find a way to laugh at them.

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