Thursday, February 24, 2011

No stitches please.

Yesterday started out going great and smooth. Ya know those days that everything falls into place. We got the kids to school on time. I dropped Bo off at Debbie’s and was up at the school to volunteer on time. And then I picked Debbie up and took her to the pool for water “aerobics” and managed to get Bo out of the pool and dressed to show up on time to pick up the kids from school. Everything was amazing! I picked Timmy up at three and would go back up at five to pick the older ones up from DI. And this is where my day started to feel familiar to me. I lost track of time talking to my Mom-in-law and at five we jumped in the van to pick the kids up, only I forgot to go to the school and went to drop my mom-in-law off first. About three minutes from her house I remembered the kids. Boy did I fee like such a geek. At that point in time it was pointless to turn around. So I dropped her off and went to pick up Josh and Kate a half hour late! Oh well, whatcha gonna do. Back at the house my sis was cooking dinner for us. Both of our hubby’s were gone for the night so we decided to hang out. Dinner went great and afterward the kids played in the basement leaving my sister and my mom and I to visit. It was bliss. Soon that bliss was interrupted by screaming. And it was not the “Hey that is my toy scream” it was the “I think I lost an appendage scream.” I ran down the stairs and turned the corner to find Bo crying hard and blood covered the back of his neck. Oh my gosh I was afraid to look. I was just sure he was missing half his skull. I rushed him upstairs where my mom already had a wet towel waiting for us. I put it on his head right a way. When I would pull the towel away to peek, blood would just drip of his strands of hair like a leaky faucet. I couldn’t see the cut because the poor kid is way over due for a haircut. Since it looked like most of his skull was still there I calmed a bit and remembered a friend of mine telling me that head wounds usually look worse than they are and bleed a lot. After a couple minutes we got the bleeding to stop and I took a closer look. It was so small. I honestly couldn’t believe the kid about needed a blood donor for a cut about a centimeter wide. I was able to wash it out and I had Mike look at it when he got home. Bo was asleep and we took a flashlight in his room and we both just stared at his head. I would look at Bo’s head, then look at Mikes face, then back to Bo’s head and then look at Mikes face. I really didn’t want him to tell me it needed a stitch. Ugh. It was hard enough to get him to let me pour water over it to clean it, I can’t say he would have been to fond of the idea of becoming a patch work quilt. We decided to check it out in the morning. I made my way back to my room and collapsed on my bed. My kitchen was a mess and there were bloody towels on the counter but this mama was done for the day. Nothing like a little head injury to drain you of all ya have left. The good news is today, after an hour in the bathtub cutting away the hair, it looks pretty good. If it was on his face we would defiantly have had to stitch it, but the hair will cover the scar so we decided not to traumatize him anymore at this point in time.

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