Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Scary times, will I survive this parenthood thing?

This parenting thing sure can be scary at times. We just love these precious little terrors so much. Today my sister took her baby to the doctor because his eyes are shaking. They are sending the baby to get an MRI as a precautionary measure and then off to the ophthalmologist and a neuro consult. Of course it will take some time to find answers and in the mean time a mothers heart is left to worry. As I heard the news my mind began to wonder off to the many episodes of Grey’s Anatomy I had seen, with Derek Shepherd doing his amazing miraculous surgeries leaving you with the famous Hollywood feel good ending. I found myself hoping some handsome doctor would swoop in and give my sister the all too heroic news. But life is not a movie and it is times like these I am grateful for my faith. Sometimes the only thing that gets me through these moments of worry is that I believe in my maker. I believe he knows all and I have to believe his hand is on each one of my precious little gifts from him. So once again I hang on for dear life while this parenthood roller coaster scares me half to death.

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