Monday, February 21, 2011

You know you are a parent when...

You know you are a parent when….

You can’t remember the last time you slept through the night without a kid waking you up to pee or climbing in bed with you because of a bad dream.

You walk across the kitchen and step in something wet, sticky or slimy.

You calculate a time line by how old your kids were when it happened, or how many kids you had when it happened. I find myself saying, “oh, that happened two kids ago.”

And with a the help of y’all, here are a lot more “you know you are a parent when…”

~You get a call from the principal saying that your son was disrespectful and called his 8th grade math teacher by his first name. The funny part was, Kevin had no clue that Mr. Milligan's first name was Bob. He was just using a phrase from some movie that we used all the time around the house. When Mr. Milligan asked Kevin to do something, Kevin responded, "No prob, Bob." -Sandy

~ when you catch your husband (who laughs at you for watching Noggin, even when the kids aren't around) humming the tune to "The Wonderpet's Teamwork" song and you laugh because you feel vindicated and your so happy your not the only one who is getting sucked into your childs entertainment choices. –Hope

~ this may just mean your old...but when you sit on the couch...lean forward...and ask your kids to hand you a pillow for your back. Or when your oldest wants you to sit on the floor with you she says I will put a pillow down for you mom. Wait...does that just mean pregnant? –Sarah

~ You eat froot loops for breakfast, mac n cheese for lunch, and hotdogs for dinner♥ Love my babies! And for the older childern in my life, I have to put in my parent control just to watch my Monday night line-up! –Belisha

~ You start quoting your parents! –Jamie

~ When your wife says she's pregnant. –Dean

~ Under the wallet, your purse hides some baby wipes, hot wheels cars, plastic dinosaurs, and fruit snacks. –Julie

~ I second Julie's comment. :) -Jackie

~ When you consider grocery shopping and Dr apps "me" time. –Melissa

~ You answer to the cry of Mom when you aren't even with your own. –Kelly

~ When you aren't at all surprised to see your toothbrush in the toilet. –Julie


And to sum it all up, You know you are a parent when at the end of the day, after all the milk has been spilt, the crayons have written on the walls, and the muddy foot prints tracked through the house, you look at your sleeping child and you know it’s all worth it!!!!!

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