Monday, March 14, 2011

No more sick days, back to work!

Last week I was sick. While I was sick I found myself missing the “simple” things in life. Like being able to breath out both sides of my nose at the same time. Or being able to actually taste the pizza I burned in the oven. The kids, however, didn’t seem to mind so much that I was sick, cause as long as they babysat Bo, I really didn’t care what they did. So for them it was 3 days of TV, video games and things like pizza and cereal for dinner, how much better does it get for a kid. LOL But this week it is back to the routine of chores and limited TV time. Today I folded 8 baskets of laundry, four from the laundry I managed to get washed and dried on Thursday, and then another four loads from today, and hoping to catch up on all the sheets tomorrow. I also need to hang up the mountain of clothes I just laid across the stair railing next to the dryer. When we built this house we paid extra to have a beautiful stained oak stair railing on our upstairs landing, a railing that I now use as a hanging rack. Well at least we are getting our money’s worth.

And then there is the pile of socks on the floor at the foot of my bed. It is one and a half weeks worth of unmatched socks for a family of six!! I always put the socks in a pile and mate them after the laundry is folded. The problem is, I often will never get to them. I hate matching socks so I throw them in a basket to do “later” and soon everyone is digging through the basket at 7 AM looking for a pair of socks. Then I finally match them and start the whole cycle over.

Hopefully I will get caught up on everything tomorrow.

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