Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A few screws are missing.

This past Saturday I went to a museum with Josh and the boy scouts. I didn’t want to carry my big clunky purse so I took out my license, both credit cards, and my debit card and put them in a smaller purse to carry for the day. That worked great for Saturday, but today when I was standing in the checkout of Sam’s Club, well not so great! There I was with my cart loaded to the max and checked out, and no way to pay. Suddenly I thought of my check book. Yay! This would work, the cashier said I only needed my license if the computer asked for it. Well, guess what? It did ask for it. At this point in time I was seriously wondering how I could accomplish identity theft. I didn’t want to steal someone else’s, just my own.

Sam’s agreed to keep my groceries in their cooler and I would come back to get them, this way I didn’t have to do the “shopping” part all over again. I was going to have just enough time to go home, get my cards, go back to get my groceries, and then make it back up to the school to pick up the kids. It would work out just perfect, until I heard Bo say, “Mom, I have to go potty.”

We rushed down to the restroom. I directed Bo to the family restroom door while I was working hard to unlock my purse from the child buckle. I buckled it there to keep anyone from snatching it, but apparently it was so secure even I couldn’t “snatch” it. As I am looking at the buckle trying to figure out the secret disabling code I heard Bo say, “This door mom.” I looked up just in time to see him pushing on the emergency exit. His eyes popped wide open and he ran toward me. As the lady came around the corner you could see how thrilled she was to see a 4 – year old had set it off. I have to admit. I was laughing under my breath. To be totally honest I was surprised Bo had never set one off yet.

By the time we went potty there was no longer time to make it back before the kids would need to be picked up. So we just went home, and I went back that evening kid free. I also stopped at Meijer where I believe I tried on every pair of women’s shoes there. It was very therapeutic.

So as most of you know my blog is about finding the “silver lining”. Today I am choosing to believe ya haven’t REALLY lived life until one of your kids sets off the emergency exit. Life is short- Laugh it up.

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