Tuesday, May 24, 2011

To clean, or not to clean? That is the question.

Once again I find myself looking around my house just wondering if I will accomplish any spring-cleaning. I was scouring the toilet in my bathroom when I looked up in the corners of my walls and noticed a little “Adams Family” theme going on. The cobwebs in the corners were giving it that “haunted house” feel. At least the “science fiction” element of wondering what creature was going to climb out of the toilet was slowly fading as I dumped toilet cleaner into the bowl. So I was glad to get that done. I have noticed however when it comes to the rest of my house, sometimes a little bit of cleaning only makes things worse. Say for instance I get the energy to Windex the front of my refrigerator. Well, sure the fridge looks great, but then my oven looks dirty, and once I clean my oven, I have clean the dishwasher too. Now my appliances look all sparkly which causes me to notice the cupboards with splatters of who knows what, and to be honest, I would probably rather not know. So my job satisfaction has now faded and I begin to scrub the cupboards. While I am down on my hands and knees, I notice the dirt and grime collecting in the corners of my kitchen floor. So my theory is if you leave everything at the same level of dirtiness, then it will be harder to tell how “dirty” it actually is. Where as when you clean something, well, now you have set the bar pretty high. It is like when you haven’t dusted for a while and you get that layer of dust on your furniture, but it’s not like anyone can really tell you how thick it is until someone wipes his or her finger through it to give you a comparison. So, To Clean, or Not To Clean, That is the Question?

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