Friday, May 20, 2011

Disney vacation Part 2

The rest of the week was truly magical. I know we were in Disney, and it sounds cliché, but it really was magical. Bo was well-behaved 95% of the time and his cute personality charmed the socks off of everyone he talked to. It was fun being together all as a family and the older kids seemed to enjoy watching Bo’s excitement just as much as me and Michael. Rather than writing the long play-by-play version, here are the high lights.

· “Mom down, we have a mom down”
o At the end of the first night we were all walking back from magic kingdom. All 15 of us! I was at the front of the pack and I turned around to tell my dad some of our exciting events with the kids. I was walking back words talking a mile a minute of course, when down I went. Fortunately, I fell into my son Josh and he did a good job of breaking my fall, cause I just went straight back. So there I was looking up at everyone, and my husband helped me to my feet. So that was my debut of the week.

· “The boys fell in love”
o We ate breakfast at the castle in magic kingdom. Kate really likes this ‘cause of course she is into the “princesses.” But I didn’t realize how much Timmy and Bo were into “princesses.” We were all waiting inline for our picture with Cinderella. Once it was out turn Timmy was the first one by her side. He was holding her hand staring up at her with this “puppy love” look on his face. While we were all posing for the picture Bo just kept staring at her too. Then when the photo shoot was over Cinderella kissed Bo on the cheek. He ran over to me in excitement, and jumped into my arms saying, “I wuv Cinderella, mom, I just wuv her.”
o Then while at breakfast, every time a princess would visit out table Bo would just stare at them and hug them, and Timmy kept holding their hand. My 7-year old boy and my 4-year old boy were just smitten. Too funny.

· “Bo Sleeps”
o Five of the six nights we were down there we were all up till at least midnight. When we would get back to the room, Bo walked through the room and said, “I have to go to sleep.” “What! Really, did he just say that.” Yeah, for the first time in 2 ½ years it didn’t’ take a “tranquilizer” to put the kid to bed. We finally wore him out, which until now I really didn’t think was possible.

· “No offense”
o I think one of my favorite moments was when we went to meet Winnie the Pooh. Tigger came to our table and Ayden looked at him and said, “Tigger, where is Pooh?”

· “You want me to stop for what?”
o The kids were all adorable and entertaining but what I wouldn’t give to have seen the cab drivers face when my sis-in-law asked him to stop at
Walgreen’s she could buy a breast pump. Yup, a breast pump. My sister was quiting nursing and didn’t bring hers, she didn’t have room to back it and I think she was hoping that she was to the phase when she didn’t need to worry about it. But after two days, with no baby, she realized “cold turkey” was not going to work. My brother was flying in 3 days after we arrived. So my sister asked them to stop on their way and pick up a hand pump. So there they were, my brother, his wife and their fifteen-year-old son. They were trying to figure out where to stop on the way from the airport and my sis-in-law was very “to the point” about the need. Lol I Love it!!!

Well, that is our trip in a very small nut shell. I would have thought I would have a lot more crazy entertaining stories, considering Bo was coming with us, but I gotta say, I am kinda glad he didn’t give me much blog material! Lol I didn’t even feel the need to pawn him off as another families child. It was a great week and I am grateful for it. And now it seems summer is finally making it’s way to Michigan, so I look forward to the adventures ahead.

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