Thursday, May 19, 2011

Disney vacation Part 1

Another year of “magic” to lock away in my favorite memories box. I have to admit I was a little nervous about taking Bo for the first time! Those of you who are well acquainted with my blog are well acquainted with BO! And no explanation is needed I am sure. However my regular readers may have also noticed that there have been less stories of Bo and his adventures. Well, that is because he is actually getting a bit easier. Now that he is speaking pretty good English and his reasoning skills are actually finally developing, I can look at him and say… ”Bo, I need you to sit there and color until the waitress brings us our food.” And he says “OK” And sometimes he actually does. It is great. So I figured if we could get him through security with out getting a pat down, we might be ok. I also figured “Hey, we are going to Disney World, where there are more kids than adults. I am bound to run into a couple of kids that will make Bo look calm, right? If not, I am sure I could find a few that he would blend in with. And if not I could stand really close to some other family and make it look like he belonged to them.

A couple weeks prior to our trip I was really working hard with Bo and his listening skills, talking with him about our trip coming up and how important it was for him to listen. So the morning of the trip we all piled into Bo’s room to see the look of excitement on his face when he realized today was the day to ride the AIRPLANE. We gently woke him up and said “Bo, what are we going to do today.” As he worked hard to get his swollen sleepy eyes to open, he looked up and in the sweetes,t barely awake voice I ever heard, he said “WISTEN.” (translates to Listen)We all laughed!

Magically enough, Bo looked like a pro in security. Keep in mind we were thinking cheap and we decided to check only 1 suitcase, and pack the rest in the kids in their carryon suitcases. So there we were going through the security line with 4 kids all wearing little activity back packs, each pulling there carryon suit case behind them. Michael and I each had a backpack on our backs and he took Timmy’s hand and I had a firm grip on the tail I had attached to Bo. I have never put a leash on any of my kids before but this year I bought one of those stuffed animal backpacks with a tail, just to be sure we didn’t lose Bo while I was pushing suitcases through security. But all my worrying was for nothing. Bo did exactly what he needed to do and my other kids handled all their gear on their own. Things were too easy! We were still a sight, but hey, we didn’t sound any alarms. We went in with four kids and came out with four kids, and the SAME four kids at that.

Once in his seat Bo just kept asking if we were flying yet. Then as the plane backed away, “Are we flying yet?” And again as we began to taxi to the runway, “Are we flying yet?” And then, the whole time we were picking up speed down the runway, “Are we flying yet, are we flying yet, are we flying yet,” he said with more excitement in his voice each time. Finally, we were airborne and he was beside himself with excitement. He peered out his window watching the seen below get further and further away. Then we headed into a really big cloud and everything was white. “Uh oh. We are stuck.” He said. Michael tried to explain we weren’t stuck, we were just in a cloud. But I was in tears laughing by this point. Our older three were laughing too. We all really enjoyed watching Bo. It warmed my heart to see my whole family really enjoying each other. We were all so excited about this trip.

So the first day of travel was pretty much seamless. I will end my story there for now and finish up in my next post.

I will, however, leave you with this thought…I would strongly encourage you to do things as a family. Weather it be a family vacation, a day at the beach, or a simple evening at the park. Doing things all together, laughing and having fun all together is so good for building those long lasting relationships. :)

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