Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lightner girls trip

Oh seriously, I have 3 blogs written, yet my life has been so crazy I keep forgetting to post them. It seems by the time the end of the day arrives I just collapse in my bed. The good news is, I have been telling myself to exercise and eat healthier to boost my energy to handle the craziness of life these days and it seems I am. I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off, so that counts for exercise and I have been convincing myself that peanut M&Ms are a good source of protein. But I am finally remembering to post my blogs, so the following is my most recent trip with my sis-in-laws, and my Disney trip will follow, well, hopefully anyway, if I remember to post it. lol

Girls Trip

Every year the “Lightner Girls” take a trip together to get away from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. Granted I cannot discuss much of our conversations. “What happens on our girls trip stays on our girls trip.” Lord knows we wouldn’t want our husbands and children to her how we talk about them. Lol So I will just briefly discuss the “chain of events.” As many of you know, it seems even the simplest of things, such as going to the grocery store, is at times an adventure for me. So naturally, when planning a trip with five of us girls there is going to be adventure. I figure by calling it an adventure it sound more like we are courageous and full of life like a thrilling movie, rather than admitting we look more like a “Steve Martin” slap stick film.

Well, to give you some background, I guess one of my sis-in-laws had this “connection” to get us into a beautiful Hotel in Charlevoix at a discounted rate. Well, apparently when you are getting a discount, you can be booted from your room if they fill up and someone who is paying full price is next in line. So they moved our reservation to a hotel that was a step down in it’s frills, yet still pretty nice. But that too filled up and we were booted out again. And sent over to a “Motel”. We pulled up and it was a ten-unit “mom and pop” motel. Well, my hopes and dreams of sitting in the hot tub were shattered, but the place was CLEAN, and from past experience on these trips… that is what counts.

Sarah checked in! It took her forever. We soon found out the lady who owned the place wanted to really make her feel like she was home. She took her on a tour of all the mushrooms she picked that day, and introduced her to the pet pooch. Then she showed us to our rooms giving us instructions to only turn the heater “on” and “off”, being sure not to adjust the temperature. Really, first of all the rooms are heated and cooled by a hole in the wall with a box in it, but I can’t adjust the thermostat. Hmmmm. Interesting?!

Then that night I realized they didn’t have hair dryers. I finally quit packing my hairdryer cause even the “Motel 6 has hair dryers. So I decided to shower before bed so my hair could be dry by morning. I turned the water on and went to get my PJs out of my suitcase. By the time I got in the shower the water was luke warm. LUKE WARM!! I DON”T do LUKE WARM showers. So I speed washed and got out. After I was dressed I tried to open the door, yes, key word is “Tried.” My doorknob was stuck and I couldn’t get out. Tonya had to let me out of the bathroom. Of course she figured out what was wrong. Apparently it took a little “finesse” to open the door.

Despite my few minutes stuck in the bathroom the rest of the weekend was fun. It was cold and rainy so we had to be a bit creative for fun. We played a round of mini golf and some arcade games. I am sure we were not the typical arcade crowd, but we had fun.
And then to make it really interesting 4 of us crammed in a Goodwill dressing room, swapping and trying on our findings, with conversation sounding like this…”Oh that’s cute!” “Eeewww do not where that!” “Oh my boobs are too big for this shirt, here you try it on.” “You want me to try on what?” Does this make my butt look big.” “Oh good, those are too small for you, let me try them on.”

All in all another successful girls trip!

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