Friday, April 29, 2011

It's game time!

Last night Timmy had a soccer game. It was cold and rainy. Did I mention it was COLD. Yeah. If I was the coach, I would have canceled the game. But crazy enough Bo played his own soccer game with the kids on the next field over the whole time Timmy was playing. It was awesome. I wasn’t chasing him so I actually got to see Timmy play. Of course every 3 minutes I would glance over to make sure he was still hanging out, and not off trying to discover some unknown territory in Springport. Well, sometime during the 4th quarter I looked over and he was gone. I then scanned all around the soccer field and even looked into the woods but no sign of Bo. I recruited other parents to help me look at this point in time and then all of a sudden I saw him. He and his soccer ball had made their way over to the field where Timmy and his team were CURRENTLY playing. Amy was so sweet and let him kick it into the goal. Bo then complained that he couldn’t keep playing with the big boys. Crazy kid. I can’t complain though, he did really could on that cold and rainy evening. Oh yeah, did I mention it was COLD.

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