Monday, April 25, 2011

Shopping wiht 3 boys

Shopping with 3 boys. Need I say more, probably not! I had two hours from the time I picked up the boys from school till the time I had to be back up to the school to pick Kate up from girl scouts. So after you subtract the 50 min. drive round trip, I had 1 hour and 10 min. to accomplish the task at hand, which was to simply find Josh some shorts, and couple of T-shirts, and a pair of shoes if we had time. Seemed almost reasonable, right? Well, first of all “Bo” was with us, so yeah, again, need I say more. Then to make things even more “fun”, Josh was just sooooo “enthused” about trying on clothes. I only make him shop 2 times a year, and every time it seems to put him in excruciating pain. With Josh protesting the whole way, I through a pile of clothes in the cart and we headed to the dressing room. I handed Josh 4, just 4 pairs of shorts to try on. He carried them to the room dragging his feet. You would have thought I sent him in there with 3 encyclopedias and asked him to write a thesis paper. Actually, if I would have sent him in with 3 encyclopedias he would have been content just to sit in there and read. We finally had some shorts to take home. By this time Bo is really done. I put him in the cart for time out, where he began throwing things out. So I put him in the front and bucked him in. He cried, and screamed and pitched a fit for the next ten minutes as we finished up. I didn’t have the time to go and put him in time out in the van, so all of Wal-Mart had to endure it with me. He finally realized I wasn’t going to let him out and settled down. I was 10 min. late picking up Kate, but I did come home with the items I set out to get.

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