Friday, April 22, 2011

"Bon Appetit!!"

Yesterday, I saw Bo licking his whole hand. Seeing that we were standing in the middle of a gym at the school I had to ask. “Bo, what are you doing, why are you licking your hand.” “I am eating my boogers!” he exclaimed. He thought he was funny, I thought it was disgusting. To be honest, this whole eating boogers thing is all new to me. I know, I have four kids and all, but they weren’t “booger eaters” when they were little. Now, don’t misunderstand me, they were booger pickers, I mean what kid doesn’t pick their nose right?! But they were more of the pick it and wipe it on the wall, or the chair, or what ever they were standing next to at the time. If they did eat them, they did it in secret, not LOUD and PROUD like Bo. Bo seems to think them to be quite a delicacy. And it isn’t cause I don’t feed the kid. I mean sure there are those nights when I am looking at the kids thinking, “Really, do I really have to feed you, can’t you just chase mice or graze in the field.” But even on those days I at least make PBJ for dinner. So it’s not like he is starving to death and his only form of nourishment is served up with a side of mucus. Oh well, I haven’t been able to explain any of my children thus far, I sure don’t know why I would try and start now. All I can say is “Bon appetit”

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