Thursday, April 21, 2011

And you thought Bo was entertaining!!

I confiscated my sisters computer this weekend so I thought I would write a little blog about my little munchkin that just might top her stories about Bo!!
Never thought I would experience some of the things that happen to my friends with their kids. I always see these dramatic kids and thank God mine is not dramatic, or hear my sisters stories about Bo and am thankful my kid isn't as high maintenance. I haven’t learned my lesson yet because every time I get cocky about my well behaved child I start to see a new side of him.
I was washing dishes the other day and in walks my little toe-head! He had a goofy look on his face and I said “Whats up bud?” He put his arm up and attempted to stick his little pointer up towards my nose. “Smell my finger.” Confused and a little grossed out considering I’ve seen the many uses that little finger has I laughed and said “No…Why?” “Smell it” he insisted. “No…what is it?” He got a quirky smile on his face and said “It’s my poop!” The way he said it was almost as thought he was amazed at how that smell could go from his butt to his finger. Then he proceeded to say “See mom…I show you” as he reached around to shove his had down his pants. I stopped him and had the “That’s disgusting” talk and had to laugh as gross as it was. Later that day I was folding laundry and our dog was laying in the floor. I was watching my son hold 3 pennies in his hand. He was adorable the way he carries around his trinkets. Well I saw him look at his pennies and then look at our dogs butt. No sooner did he get 1 penny in his fingers and started for our dogs chocolate starfish and I said “Absolutely not.” I guess we will have to have another discussion about nothing goes in that hole…only out 

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