Thursday, June 2, 2011

So I thought seeing as how my sister is out of town I would just take over her blog, once again. I just spent the last 5 days roughing it with no power. I mean I forgot what is all involved when you say “No power”. Sitting on our couch, I got a phone call from my husband who was around the corner at my dads. “Hey we've got Tornado warnings. You might have to get the kids and go to the basement.” I kind of fluffed it off b/c I didn't feel the weather was that bad. Yeah, a second later the wind ripped through the house and the power shut down. I ran upstairs grabbed both of my sleeping babies and hit the basement. A couple minuets of heavy rain and it was over. I do have to say that one scared me a bit :) I walked upstairs and tried the lights...nope. We decided to load up and go to my dads. I started getting the diaper bag ready. I ran over to the sink to make a bottle...right no water. Ok no biggie. Then it's upstairs to throw on some clothes...right no lights. Oh gosh I have to pee....flushed the toilet and realized that was the last flush for that toilet. Long story short everything kept hitting me of just what was involved with NO POWER. No fans for noise makers for my hot bottles for Zayne, no drinking water for Ayden, no baths for my stinky children or there stinky mom. I mean you don't realize until it's gone. However between my dad having a generator I was able to get 2 showers and some water for small things. I thought it was humerous however that it happened over the most humid days of the summer. When you become accustomed to AC...its a shock to the system to have to go to sleep in 84 degree house. My sisters power came back on I geared myself that mine was next....nope. I got home today, to my tornado of a house, and got depressed. I didn't clean, I didn't do anything but take a nap with my kids. However I woke up at 5 and saw the Consumer Energy truck drive down my road. I got excited. YUP....2 seconds later the power kicked on, my fans began turning, I heard the toilets fill up...I began to get even more excited. I walked through the house and turned on all the lights...just because I could!! The Consumer truck went back down the road and I felt my dramatic side come out. The operatic saga began to play as I ran in slow motion to the road to wave a beautiful red scarf in saying my thanks. I had so much energy because I was so excited I cooked dinner, bathed my dog (which I don't EVER do...b/c I cant stand that dog) bathed my kids, put them both to bed, cleaned my whole kitchen top to bottom we are talking scoured, cleaned all my bathrooms, vacuumed, and did 2 loads of laundry!!! I think I made my husband tired by just watching me. I told him I had a whole new lease on life, that I was a brand new woman!!!! Haahaa...we will see how long this lasts but I'll tell ya it's a good thing I was born in this century b/c outhouses and baths once a week are not for me. More power to ya Laura Ingles...but this roughing it is for the birds :)

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