Monday, June 6, 2011

That is what I get for being prepared

I had the holiday weekend all planned out perfectly!(Memorial Day) By Friday I had the meals bought and prepared so we could all just kick back and relax at the lake all weekend. Saturday afternoon the boys were waxing the boat and we would be soaking up sun for the next 2 days! I could hardly wait! But apparently mother nature decided our weekend was a little too planned and predictable. That afternoon a storm rolled in and took out the power. Despite our hopes of a quick fix, at 9:00 that night I was packing up the food I had brought to my sisters and we were headed over to my in-laws to mooch off their electrical abundance at the moment. On our way into the house Michael accidentally dumped out my pre-made deli tray I so creatively put together myself. It was at this moment I realized the well planned, perfectly organized weekend, full of relaxation, I had planned, was looking like my deli tray, “turned upside down”. Finally by 11:00 the kids were tucked away, and Mike and I followed soon after. We did manage to spend Monday on the lake, that was nice. That night Michael and I drove home in separate vehicles, I pulled into my driveway only to still find there was no power and then got a call from Mike. He had run out of gas. What would have been a quick 5 minute trip to him turned into 15 because the road he was on had trees down blocking my path. By the time we got home it was to late to crash at my in-laws again, so we all camped out in the basement. It was actually a fun time, all of us in one room playing with flashlights. That is a memory I will keep with me forever.

Stay tuned. I will finish the story of my week without power tomorrow. It is titled “A damsel in distress”.

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