Thursday, July 14, 2011

Is sewing a prerequisite for motherhood

Well I sent my oldest son off to Boy Scouts Camp for a whole week. We got a little behind in our preparation, so the day before he left we were working hard to get everything done. I initially planned on showing him how to sew his badges on, and then let him do the annoying job himself. But seeing that we were in a time crunch and being the cool mom I am, there I was, sitting in the middle of his bedroom floor sewing on badges, while he scavengered for enough clothes for the week. Sewing is not really my thing. Most of you regular readers have noticed by now that I am no Martha Stewart in the kitchen, well, I am even worse with the needle and thread. About 7 years ago, I made curtains for some windows in the old house we used to live in. Now before you get too excited and imagine a beautiful fluffy set of window d├ęcor, let me put it to ya this way. I went to Wal-Mart, bought two green flat sheets and basically did some cutting, followed by some pinning and then merely sewed 3 straight lines on the sewing machine. Oh but as I began this endeavor I thought for sure I would be the next Martha Stewart. I sat there in my living room pinning down my edges, all the while telling Michael he was going to have to by me my own sewing machine. I believe my words were… “Check me out babe! I am so gonna be the next Martha Stewart. You are going to be so impressed. I am going to make curtains for the whole house.” Well, there were 2 windows in the room I was making curtains for. I finished one set and got half way through the next and my words to Michael were… “Oh my gosh I am NEVER doing this again. This is so annoying. I am totally not patient enough for this job! Whatever you do, don’t by me a sewing machine!” I never did finish those curtains. Shoot, I never sewed on a button after that. And now here I was trying to be a “boy scout mom.” It was frustrating. I would start sewing a patch one way and then change my technique so the badges pretty much look like a person with multiple personalities sewed them on. And then when I sewed the badge on the front of his pocket, I ended up sewing the pocket shut where the badge was. Let’s just hope he doesn’t need that pocket this week. And then I sewed one of his sleeves shut, to be honest, I am not sure how I did that. When I asked him how big his arms were and if it was necessary that he have his sleeve fully opened to function he just stared at me with a look that said “Aren’t moms supposed to know how to sew?” So I reluctantly fixed the sleeve. The last patch I sewed on ended up crooked and I said I was done for the day. I figured he could fix it when he took some sort of sewing during boy scouts. I told him if anyone commented on the sewing job of his shirt, his response could be… “Hey at least I have to arm holes! And….My mom wasn’t a Girl Scout!”

And then to top my “mom of the year” award off, on the way there I realized the kid didn’t pack a pillow. How could I send my boy off to the woods without his cushy pillow! So I dropped him off and raced back home to try and get him his pillow before he left. I actually called my mom and had here meet me half way with one of her pillows to save on time. I did make it and I felt much better knowing that even though he was sleeping on the ground, and he may not be able to use his shirt pockets, and his badges are all a bit crooked, at least he had a pillow. My mom duties were fulfilled. Lol

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