Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Camping, I did it.

Camping. I did it. I really did it. It has been years since I went camping. Actually it has been 9 years to be more precise. Lately my idea of camping is going for the day, hanging out with everyone, enjoying the campfire and s’mores, and then heading home to my own bed. But this past camping trip Bo was old enough to know he was missing out, and he really wanted to stay in the tent. So we stayed. And there I was living the blog I wrote last year. (“Camping”) I set up my air my bed in our tent, and as I was working to put the sheets on I thought to myself, “Hmmmmm, where is housekeeping?.” I had to shower with my flip flops on and I thought “Wow, will I ever get my feet clean again?”, I slept with sand in my bed, and yes, I had to take a flashlight to find my way to the bathroom at 4 am. So yeah I roughed it. Well, rough it with an electric blanket and a DVD player. I have to admit, the weekend we went was a bit chili, so I brought my electric blanket. Yup, that first night I climbed into my air bed with my electric blanket all plugged in and heated up, and Bo and I plugged in the travel DVD player and watched “Open Season Three”. Hey, it was a movie about animals in the woods, I figured it was perfect for camping. Lol I must say although I REALLY don’t like having to walk down a “road” to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, it was a good weekend. My in-laws are pretty good at it. They do things like pancakes for breakfast and yummy Hobo dinners with potatoes, hamburger and veggies. They even cooked a stew in a iron pan over the fire, I am sure just like Laura Ingals back in the day. If it was all up to me it would be hot dogs every time. If you couldn’t roast it on a stick and put it on a paper plate, there would be no way I would make it for dinner in the woods.

And of course the kids loved it as they always do, and Bo absolutely loved his first camping trip. He rode his bike back and forth in front of our campsite all day. He even made friends with our neighbor camper. Every time he rode by his site he had to say something to him. But the guy must have liked him, cause one day Bo was at the camp site with Mike and when I returned from the beach Bo was telling me all about his barbequed chicken. Turns out the neighbor saw him riding by one time and offered him a chicken leg. I tell ya, this kid cracks me up. Gotta hand it to him. He sure knows how to make friends. My little four year old getting a chicken leg from a neighbor camper, I just gotta laugh. I do love Bo’s out look on life. He definitely doesn’t see impossibilities and he just knows how to love life. It is funny what you can learn from a four year old.

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