Monday, July 11, 2011

If you believe a word I say.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. I sure am enjoying mine. Summer is my favorite time of year. I do hope you have enjoyed my blog thus far, and if you have I wanted to let know where some of my “philosophy” has come from. Blog such as, “I am human and I bleed”, “My humanity when will I accept it”, "Screw it baby, let the good times roll, "Risk", “I am human, and that’s ok”, "Why not trusts myself”, and "What are you Hanging on to."

If you like what you have read, and if you believe a word I say, I ask you to check out the past blogs, and consider going through the TurningLeaf Seminars. Check out the website, and my website,

I was at a rough time in my life, and am so grateful to have found myself at this 3 day seminar that gave me more keys to myself and enjoying my wonderful life than I could possibly imagine. I went through hoping to find a way out of my depression and came out with much more.(My personal testimony is on my website, on the events page)

It took my depression to get me to this seminar, had I not been through the rough times, I would have never thought I needed it. But I found freedoms in the principles I learned in that seminar I wish I had years before I even thought my life would get turned upside down.

One of the principles taught in the seminars is to change the way you see yourself. This is a concept I often refer to in my blogs as accepting our humanity. During the seminar Dean asks this question that I now ask in all my presentations. “If your friend talked to you the way YOU talk to you, How long would you stay friends?”

So I ask you to just take a look and ask yourself. “Would I like to change the way I see myself?” “Would I like to be more patient with myself, and my kids?” “Would I like to wake up in the morning, and look in the mirror and be totally content with who you see looking back at you?” And I will tell you, the way you view yourself is the way your children will learn to view themselves. The way you treat yourself is ultimately how your children will end up treating themselves. So I ask you now, are you passing on what you want to pass on.

I am sorry if I am beginning to sound like an infomercial. I just want to give everyone the same amazing experience I have had. So I challenge you to take an honest look at you and these seminars and let me know if you are interested.

Ok, I will end the infomercial now. But wait if you sign up today you will not only get a new and improved life but we will include a 2nd life absolutely free, and if you sign up in the next 3.5 seconds, we will give you not only a 2nd improved life, but a third absolutely free, and wait.... just kidding. Sorry I couldn't help myself.

Keep enjoying your SUMMER!!!! Gotta love it!

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