Thursday, July 7, 2011

Say Cheese!!

Tip your head to the left. Ok Bo sit down, look this way. Timmy move to the left, nope your other left, ok say cheese, oh not that big of cheese, ok yeah. Now Josh stand behind your Dad, Bo, come back, sit right here, nope over a little more. Kate look this way, ok, everybody say cheese, Bo look at the camera. Look up Bo, nope not that high look down a little bit, right here Bo look at the camera. Bo say “cheese”. “Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese” he finally says with his cheeks pressed practically against his ears and his eyes squinched tightly shut. Yup you guessed it. Family picture day. The last time we did family pictures I think Bo was just over one year old, so we were due. I have a friend who does an AMAZING job! ( So I spent two hours getting everyone showered and hair done and all that fun stuff. Yeah, so much fun it reminded me why I am so good at procrastinating on taking pictures. But somehow we managed to arrive clean and color coordinated. I wasn’t sure how it was going to go with Bo and all. She did individuals of the kids first and Bo was the fourth kid to go and he was adorable smiled on cue, put his hands in the right spot and just hammed it up. Then we moved down the path to another spot and said, “ok Bo do you want to take some more pictures. “No” he said very candidly. And he was a little pill for the rest of the time. A cute little pill, but a pill. But thanks to Bobbi’s patience and skill, we made it through the session. So maybe in another three years I will be ready to do it again. LOL

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